Who is Margo

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I am Ourania Margomenou, aka Margo. I was born in Athens, Greece. My family and I have lived in many countries around the globe. I completed my BSc in Hospitality Administration at Boston University.

There, in this wonderful city, I fulfilled my practical requirement for my degree at the two most prestigious hotels of the city: namely The Ritz-Carlton and The Four Seasons Hotel.

Upon graduating, I decided to start my professional career on the other side of the pond, in London UK. I landed at the historical Dorchester Hotel, in the heart of the city. Started in F&B operation and moved to Purchasing department, as a Wine & Spirits buyer. A dream job that would later define my career direction. The hotel had 600 wine labels at the time and my job was to ensure that the cellars were adequately stocked.

I was indulging in the wonderful world of wine that I had stumbled upon, by attending wine tastings from all wine producing countries, wine appreciation seminars, wine trips. I met wise wine merchants and romantic wine makers.

After a few years, I decided it was time to return home: Athens, Greece. I worked at hotels and restaurants for a few more years. The last few, I was working at an American travel agency specialising in incoming classical studies tours. As I traveled around Greece, I discovered the cultural wealth & heritage through the eyes of the classical scholars. I realised how deep our roots go.
A ‘joyful baker’ and cook, when motherhood was bestowed upon me, I started searching and sourcing wholesome ingredients to nurture my daughter and loved ones -isn’t it how it all starts, anyway?

With time and growing curiosity, I wanted to know not only how produce is grown, but also who is the person behind the label- I longed to share the joy of creation! The more I got to know them better, the more I could see happiness and gratitude, that their hard work was celebrated and acknowledged!

I had an epiphany: my life’s path should be devoted in bringing together the wine adventurists, the travellers with a knack for authentic experiences, closer to the people who cultivate and “vini cultivate” the Greek earth. That was it!
My professional background, my love for wine, food and quality ingredients, along with travel and honest hospitality, brought me to lay the foundation of what developed into the concept behind Margo wine routes: putting together wine & food tours in Greek wine producing areas with all of you on board! ‘Kalo taxidi’!

Wine Education Certificates

WSET LEVEL 1 Award In Wines (QCF), Pass, July 2104

WSET LEVEL 2 Award In Wines and Spirits (QCF), Pass with Merit, Dec 2014

HESTIA ADVANCED CERTIFICATE -The World of Greek Wine, Pass with Distinction, April 2015

WSET LEVEL 3 Award In Wines_ Understanding Wine: explaining style and quality, candidate 2019

Courses attended at the Greek branch (WSPC LTD) of the WINE & SPIRIT EDUCATION TRUST (WSET) UK, a world renowned wine educator founded in 1969 in London UK.

The fermentation of the MWR idea

Seperator, Tourism - Itineraries - Greek wine
Olive Tree, Tourism - Itineraries - Greek wine

In order to create a bottle of good wine, one must start with good soil – same ingredient for ‘planting’ the idea to create the wine routes: My extensive journey in the wine world (rich bedding) along with the urge to explore, discover and analyse the beginnings of things (roots). Add the need to communicate and interact with like-minded people and share the love of quality wine and food, (blossoming branches): Margo wine routes travel agency was created.

The name “wine routes” has a double meaning:
the word “routes” has the same pronunciation with the word “roots”.

A journey to our roots, how wine routes brings us closer to our roots (through history).

Finding the way to combine these two was essentially the beginning of Margo wine routes.

Deep into the roots of Ancient Greece, almost 4,000 years ago, is where we come across viticulture for the first time on the European continent.

In the roots of wine making, in a backward journey -from bottling wine, to maturation, grape crushing, to the vineyard soil and the grapes of each variety.

Ancient, Tourism - Itineraries - Margo Wine Routes

This is how the idea was fermented and matured. Now, I have the pleasure of welcoming you, the travellers, in our carefully planned routes.
Wine routes that will lead us to the beautiful Greek wine country!